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Teller House Restaurant

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Rudy Hernandez has big plans for the Teller House. He managed the hotel for some three years before opening a restaurant on the ground floor. New Teller House RestaurantThe restaurant features a full bar, Mexican food and American-style items such as steaks, chicken, and pasta dishes.

Hernandez grew up in the restaurant business. “Since I was a little boy my parents always had a restaurant,” he said. His mother still operates a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“This is my life,” Hernandez said. Hernandez spent months remodeling the space, which formerly housed the San Juan Grill. He opened up the back space by taking out a wall, providing a much more open feel. Hernandez said the Teller House Restaurant also offers room service to the hotel guests. “I always thought this should be brought back to the Teller House. We’re unifying the whole place,” Hernandez said.